Timed Writing

Just about everyone has their own little group of people that they have to be around every day whether it be in their field of work, their home life, or personal life. Over time you start to realize their daily habits. Things that make them happy annoy them, pet peeves, etc. As humans we have to learn to adapt to our environment, and those to live in it to survive.

                Michael Ignatieff  wrote in his book Blood And Belonging “To belong is to understand the tacit codes of the people you live with.” What he was trying to say was just to fit in with our society you have to be able to understand others without them even telling us to do so. If everyone were to sit around trying to explain everything about them so we could understand them we’d all go mad. That’s why we have to “get to know” others. We observe them every day and learn their habits. To “belong”  we have to understand those around us, and that takes time.

                Professional Athletes are a good example of “belonging.” They belong with their team.  LeBron James and Dwayne Wade both play in the NBA for the Miami Heat. They’re two of the biggest faces of the NBA today. They won the championship together last year. That doesn’t just come overnight. They had to start somewhere, grow together, learn together, and adjust to each other.  If LeBron is taking the ball down the court, Dwayne is already on the other side waiting for the pass. They know each other’s shots. When one of them is off on the shot the other is already there getting their rebound putting it back up. They have good chemistry, because they understand each other. They’re “partners in crime” you could say. They’re so in tune with each other they don’t even have to communicate out loud. They both know how the other works. They “Belong” on the same team together, because they’ve been working together for years.

                To “belong” in this world you have to be able to be in tune with others like LeBron and Dwayne. Being able to adjust to one another to the point where communication isn’t always needed, because you’re in sync with those around you.